• DC Artist, Vishwas

    - Debut Show -
  • The Male Spectrum

    Original paintings of male nudes.
  • Vitruvian Gallery

    October 18 - November 22, 2014
  • Opening Reception - October 18th

    6:00PM to 9:00PM
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Our fall show (below) has concluded; the gallery will be closed through the end of 2014.


The Male Spectrum

Artist: Vishwas

October 18 - November 22

Vitruvian Gallery is pleased to introduce local artist, Vishwas, in his debut show “The Male Spectrum.”  This show features nearly two dozen original paintings of tastefully composed male nudes.  The colors are lush and each piece is sensual in its own way.  While each is named for a color, each speaks for itself and elicits a warm response…in a Vishwas painting, blue is not sad, red is not anger, and purple is certainly not disgust.   Colors complement the physical expression, line, and shadow to form a captivating work of art that’s equally compelling and comforting.  You’ll love this show. 
All original works are offered for sale and may be picked up on or after November 22, 2014.  Prints may be ordered through the gallery for delivery following production.